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Jason Ward PT LLC is a direct pay clinic.  You can make payment with cash, debit or credit card.  I am happy to create an invoice for you to submit to your insurance to receive reimbursement according to their out-of-network fee schedule.

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Comprehensive Musculoskeletal Physical Therapy Evaluation (in-office) ~ $125

  • For a complete musculoskeletal evaluation including a thorough interview, physical exam, posture and movement testing, manual assessment, initial treatment and home program. Up to 1 hour.

Physical Therapy Follow-up visit 30 min ~ $75    45 min ~ $95

  • For a re-assessment of the response to the initial evaluation/home program and progression of treatment toward your goals.

Videoconference Physical Therapy Consultation ~ $125

  • When distance is a challenge or available time is a limitation to coming to me I provide a complete, remote video consultation including a thorough interview, posture and movement testing, initial treatment and home program. Up to 1 hour.

Videoconference/Phone PT Follow-up visit 30 min ~ $75    45 min ~ $95

  • When distance or time is the limitation to coming to me for subsequent visits I offer remote, video re-assessment visits to evaluate the response to the prior session/home program and to progress your program. Up to 45 minutes.

In-home/work Follow-up Visit ~ $175 (available when needed and for some locations)

  • When specific situations arise and the assessment in the home or at the work site is needed I can provide an on-site visit. Offered following the initial comprehensive evaluation. Up to 45 minutes.

Movement/Mobility Examination ~ $85 (in-office)

  • For those who aren't necessarily hurting or injured but sense they're not moving as easily or as fully as they'd like to or want to improve their ability to move or hold positions, the Mobility Exam is available. A full body assessment to identify where your restrictions are that may be affecting your performance or creating a potential risk of injury. (Up to 45 min.)

Movement/Mobility Follow-Up ~ $45 (in-office)

  • Mobility improvements require some work and often don't happen overnight. The Mobility Follow-up session are available to progress and build on what was started on the examination. What achieves an initial positive response often has to change if you expect to achieve even more progress. Based on your response from the previous session(s) adjustments will be made to ensure maximum benefit. (Up to 20 min.

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McKenzie Method of

Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy

The McKenzie Method of Mechanical Diagnosis & Therapy (MDT) is a reliable assessment process effective in identifying: your mechanical diagnosis, the right course of care and how YOU can get it under control and keep it that way. If you are suffering from pain or difficulty associated with your spine or arms or legs, then an MDT assessment is an optimal place to start!

Developed by world-renowned expert physiotherapist Robin McKenzie in the 1950s, this assessment process and treatment approach was stumbled upon with one of his patients. 

You can read more of that story here.  

There are so many benefits of the MDT system, one of which is it's capability to accurately diagnose without the use of expensive diagnostic imaging (e.g. x-rays and MRIs). Additionally, through the careful assessment and the body's symptom and movement response it provides answers to the environment the body needs to repair itself. It doesn't involve the need for medication, heat, cold, ultrasound, needles, or surgery. The McKenzie assessment, properly applied, by a certified clinician allows patients to learn the principles and enables them to be in control of their own symptoms.  


Hear from some of the most expert clinicians in the field of musculoskeletal and orthopedic care on the benefits of MDT.

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Any reliable system must be supported through high-quality, peer reviewed-research. MDT has just that. 

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When you need help you want to feel confident that you're making the best choice. Here are some of my performance indicators.