Know when to coach your athletes to train-through pain, when to scale, and when to stop.  A simple and effective system of assessing your athletes so you can best guide them and ensure their safety!  

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Let's face it - There is no shortage of proposed approaches to observe, interpret, intervene or advise athletes dealing with pain or movement limitations.  But, the reality is that some athletes look, really, pretty good in their positions and movements and yet struggle with symptoms, of one sort or another.  Another athlete looks horrible and, some-how, is getting away with it.  And still others look like they should hurt, and they do, yet all the mobility exercises that you and they've thrown at them hasn't resolved their problem.  This can be frustrating to both you and your athlete and if it persists long enough is not uncommon to cause them to suspend their membership or for you to lose them all together.  

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With FrameFit you'll receive the needed information to understand the cause of injury and what's necessary for a timely recovery. Although you can't prevent all injuries, especially when training involves high-intensity elements, you will gain strategies to head off the avoidable. You'll see the evidence to support this information and you'll learn the myths so widely proposed in the mainstream.  You'll hear: discussion on load progression, regression and alternatives; how it's not always about more mobility, strengthening your core and creating symmetry and many myths related to back pain, MRI findings, and on-and-on.



By course end, you'll come away with a basic algorithm with which you can better interpret your athlete's complaints or your own observations and more accurately guide them.  You'll receive a list of the more common problem areas and the patterns I've seen working with athletes of all types including Crossfitters, individual and team athletes of all levels.  You'll be equipped with what I use to help my clients ward-off the most prevalent injuries in athletic human movement. And, upon passing the basic competency testing at the end of the course you'll receive a FRAMEReady Certification to demonstrate your basic athlete-readiness knowledge.