"With Jason’s help, I was able to compete ... while I rehabbed my shoulder"

I’m a Crossfit athlete and I had an injured shoulder that I thought would keep me from competing in this year’s Crossfit Open. I tried to keep up with my training but I had to ‘scale’ many of the workouts, some I couldn’t do all together, because of the pain.

A couple of weeks went by and my shoulder wasn’t getting any better. In some cases it felt like it was getting worse with some acute pain on certain lifts and movements. I even tried to baby it, so to speak, by staying out of the gym for a few days and that didn’t work either.

My friends at the gym recommended Jason Ward and I set an appointment. He trouble shot my injury, gave me 3 specific exercises to work on 2-3 times a day, and my shoulder got better within days. The improvement was steady, I was working out more often, and the best part was, I was getting strong again!! Bottom line: The PT kept me in the game.

If you’re an athlete, I’m sure you already know that working through an injury isn’t easy. I only hope that you will let me suggest that before you resort to surgery, prescription pills, or quitting all together, give physical therapy a shot. With Jason’s help, I was able to compete and pursue my fitness goals while I rehabbed my shoulder.


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